Sun Viewer

About me

Well hello there, my name is Fée! A Dutch biomedical student with a passionate hobby.


Ever since I was little I found space and everything about it very fascinating. While looking for some sci-fi movies, I stumbled upon the movie “Sunshine”. A futuristic story about our sun dying. The spectacular view of our sun caught my eye, and since the beginning of this solar cycle, I have been monitoring our sun from day to day. I did this thanks to several websites, Twitter accounts, and iPhone apps.

On May 14th, I got the idea of making a Twitter account called Sun Viewer. On this account I could post images and facts about our sun and everything about it on a daily basis. This account thrived and grew, grabbing attention of many people and institutions.

After a year or so I decided to reach out to a bigger audience and create this website. In this way everyone could reach Sun Viewer! I combined this with personal website and Twitter suggestions, the possibility to contact me personally, and so on.

Furthermore I started volunteering at the KNVWS observatory in 's-Graveland, the Netherlands. We host stargazing and sun watching events every month. I totally recommend going there, you'll even have a chance of looking through my own Bresser Messier telescope!

The Sun Viewer account gave me great opportunities. I attended lectures, met Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, visited the Space Expo, got to talk with people all over the world, and even with institutions like NASA and ESA. I’m trying to realise my dream hobby every day, so enjoy!

You can contact me