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Suggested sites

A collection of interesting sites and sources.

The national aeronautics and space administration & the European space agency. Two amazing associations, enough said!

KNVWS ‘t Gooi
The royal Dutch weather and space association, located in “het Gooi”, the area where I live. They arrange free stargazing and sun watching events every month. You can find me there almost every time they arrange something, sometimes even with my own telescope!

“Nederlandse vereniging voor ruimtevaart” or Dutch Space Society. They organize events, lectures, etc. You can get a membership for free if you’re a student, but a lot of their events are for general public too.

Solar dynamic observatory & solar and heliospheric observatory. SDO’s feed of our sun is updated every 15 minutes. Solar flares, sunspots, coronal holes, and many more can be seen here.
SOHO’s feed is updated every couple of hours. Not only can you look for coronal mass ejections and solar (proton) storms here, but you can sometimes even spot planets and comets!

A great archive with all of SDO's and SOHO's data from years back. You can access it free to browse, and even make screenshots and movies.

NOAA’s 3-day Kp index & Xray flux
The national oceanic and atmospheric administration has two amazing and simple websites to monitor Kp index (for geomagnetic disturbances and storm levels, predicting aurora activity) & Xray flux (for solar flares and their magnitude).

Space Weather Live
A real-time feed for geomagnetic activity, solar flare alerts, and more. Also available in Dutch and other languages!

Space Weather Gallery
A great collection of pictures, sent by people from all over the world. Here you can find recent sun and aurora pictures, but also some other astronomy related photography.